Many suffer from heartburn and gases, at least occasionally.

It is not surprising, if we consider that many everyday activities can produce. Overeating, eating too fast, eating spicy or fatty foods, alcohol and snuff, and other behaviors, can produce gases and excessive acid.

The good news is you. Has Mylanta to help you quickly soothe the burning and provide relief.

Causes of Heartburn

Stomach acid is necessary for normal digestion, but when it moves from the stomach up the esophagus, that’s when you feel the burn we call heartburn. Lots of things can cause it. The good news is, there are lots of good treatments, too.

Heartburn Prevention

So many of the things we encounter every day can trigger heartburn. Eating too much, eating too quickly, eating fatty foods, and being overweight are just a few of the causes of heartburn.

Heartburn Relief

When heartburn prevention tips don’t work, many seek heartburn relief from medications like Mylanta. Occasionally, more severe symptoms may require a doctor’s care.

What Is Breakthrough Heartburn?

This is of special interest for heartburn sufferers who are taking an acid-reducing medication as part of their heartburn prevention treatment. The term “breakthrough heartburn” refers to heartburn symptoms that can occur even while taking a preventative heartburn treatment.

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Digestive Health

While many digestive health problems are common and easily treated with medicine, some stomach symptoms can warn of more serious problems.

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Gas Facts

When there’s too much gas in your stomach, you can definitely feel it. Excess gas can result in uncomfortable and sometimes painful bloating and pressure.

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